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Bathroom Process

Bathroom Process


Once you have booked a bathroom or ensuite consultation either now on-line, at the showroom, by phone or via email, you will hear from one of our qualified designers within twenty four hours.

They will arrange to come out to meet with you promptly at your home and ask you many questions regarding your bathroom to make sure that by the end of the meeting, they will know all of your requirements, and will know exactly how to set up your bathroom space to best suit your families needs from the information they have extracted from your responses.

Bathroom & Ensuite questions involve, who use the space, storage needs, creating good use of space, clever lighting, plus many more questions.

We will know your full list of requirements, your taste in finishes, looks and style, your likes and dislikes by the end of our meeting with you.

We will then measure the area accurately looking also at the surrounding spaces to be able to look at all of the possibilities available to make what is often a small space look and feel like bigger, brighter and better.

We then begin the design process back at the office, whilst we are looking through the photos and reading the list of answers in our design brief, and we do not rest until we have come up with the best design to suit your lifestyle.

As soon as we are happy with everything we then call to arrange to meet you in the showroom to go through the design, the possible selections and the proposal costs in detail with you.  



Once you have chosen that Bathrooms & Kitchens SA are the company that you want to work with we arrange a time to sign off and do complete selections with you.

Selections and sign off, we do in the showroom and it is a very systematic process starting from the ground up, we advise and assist you through this process to personalise it to you and your families taste, and also making sure through that process that it respects the home you live in.

By the end of selections you will be able to see how the colour schemes will work and We describe this is like putting the paint onto the canvas, it completes the picture for you, as we cover floor tiling, wall tiling, vanity colours, accents, benchtops, features, task lighting, feature lighting, products and handle selections.

We cover everything involved in your personal design and we do not settle until we know it is exactly right, so that you Love it once it is complete.


After we have check measured your space accurately, we go into the manufacture stage, breaking everything down and completing the order process.

The Final plans are produced to detail accurately, measurements, electrical and plumbing, all selections so that our trades can read and check everything clearly.

One of our project managers will go through the plans with his included trades so they are fully informed about what needs to be done, and your Bathroom or Ensuite is placed into production.

We work out what items have the longest manufacture time, for example new windows, custom cabinetry, stone bench tops etc and we order them immediately.

At this stage your start date is confirmed and the exciting transformation takes place.    



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Bathroom Advice

Bathroom Advice


Bathroom Advice



Do your homework

Make a renovation file on your computer with the following files 

Photos of what you like 

  • These can be photos with elements that you like, but make notes below each photo showing what element of the pics that you like. 

Photos of what you don't like

  • This is as important as us seeing what you like, as it gives us the opportunity to see your tastes and define your style and it helps us get into your headspace to ensure we have that in mind when we are designing your beautiful new bathroom.

Write a wish list

  • This is really important so nothing gets overlooked, examples like more storage needs, power point locations, niches, ventilation etc, the more you write down the better.

Looking at Bathroom products before meeting with us, is a bit of a waste of time

  • If you go out looking for bathroom products first you will get very confused as there are so many different options, sizes styles etc, we help you with your bathroom ware selections to suit your space, once we have come up with a design to suit you and your family needs, it is a lot clearer as to what will fit and what suits the space, which narrows down your field of vision regarding the products you will need and you can then focus on what fits and suits the space and your taste in finish.

Don't get too caught up with design as the questions we ask will ensure that your bathroom will be designed exactly to suit your family requirements in every way.

  • Leave the designing to the experts, remember we do this every day and there are lots of clever tips and tricks that we use to make a bathroom work well.
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Bathroom Video

Bathroom Video

Best Houses Australia

Watch Best Houses Australias Gary Takles interview with Bathrooms & Kitchens SA director Paul Hutchison discussing design and showcasing a couple of our recently completed kitchen & bathroom projects